The Broken Shovel

From art to icon

Hard to know where to start with the Broken Shovel,
but at the beginning is always best, I guess.

Created in 1978 in the workshop in the bowels of the
architecture building at the University of Toronto,
this piece of sculpture served first as a trophy for a class party
where it was almost lost floating around Toronto Harbour,
rescued only to become the namesake and symbol of the
Broken Shovel Bar through the late 1980's and then evolving
into the icon and source of all power for the Deemer Elders,
and ancient and wise order.

Who knows what the future holds for the Broken Shovel.




The Broken Shovel Bar

...nestled in the hills of the lake country of the great north woods in the land of the porcupine and some very pesky squirrels, overlooking the bogan at the corner of hazelnut road..., the Broken Shovel.., virtually all the time with sustenance for hungry hearts, tonics for the soul,

.... might have to do a bit of work around, but like the shovel, most of the tools are broken or lost.., so it's story time all the time at the Broken Shovel..., sometimes hard to tell between old ones growing in the telling and new ones being born..,

... being command central for all sorts of endeavours, the Broken Shovel is a truly creative place, almost spiritual...

....rising out of a middle spring mist over rotting lake ice, the Broken Shovel..., is it real or just a state of mind? Doesn't much matter cause it's only good if you can get there and its quite a jump from shore. Seek out those who know the way.



              The Broken Shovel Bar is somewhere in this picture!



               View from the broken Shovel Bar