Artist's Bio, Paintings, Installations, etc.

Completely unfocused and to mentally active…

Presently living in Fredericton, I have at various times lived in Miramichi, Edmundston, Saint John, Halifax, Toronto, Vancouver and a lot of places in between.  At various times in these various places, I have been a painter, installation artist, columnist, cartoonist, administrator, dreamer, bureaucrat and professional designer. Although influenced early on by the colours and textures of small town side streets and rural back roads of New Brunswick, it was while studying landscape architecture in Toronto that the heavy urban landscape became a major influence in the installation art that I made and exhibited there. After returning to New Brunswick, I began doing watercolours and created the DRUMlins cartoon strip. The strip ran for over 16 years in the Miramichi Leader and now weekly on Miramichi Online.  The lowly steel drum containers, my cartoon characters, emphasize that somehow the mundane is relevant, the simple wise and the rusty always beautiful. DRUMlins continues and has evolved into a long series of paintings.  Beyond DRUMlins, my stuff continues to be the result of a fascination with materials, textures, composition and the effects of time. I like to draw, paint and arrange in a way that illustrates the relationships we have with the things we use and discard.


Bill's Artistic Résumé

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Art Showings

2011-2013 - Travelling Rusty Road Show - Various locations: over 101 DRUMlins prints and selected original ink/watercolours

2008 - DRUMMOOT - Studio 151, Fredericton, NB: Paintings (watercolour and gouache) and installations

2002 - Oil Drums on Canvass - The Playhouse, Fredericton, NB: Oils on canvass

1998 - Weathered Wood, Rusty Metal and Drums That I Have Known - The Space, Saint John, NB: watercolours

1996 - 10 Year Retrospective - Carrefour Beausoleil, Miramichi, NB: watercolours

1984 - Bill Hicks Bicentennial Art Show - Chatham, NB: watercolours and sculpture pieces

1981 - Scapes - Gallery Soho, Queen Street, Toronto, ON: sculpture pieces and installation art

1980 - Spring Flower and Garden Show - Toronto, ON: sculpture pieces and installation art


Current Stuff

2007-2011 - A number of new series/showings being developed, including, but certainly not limited to:

            - A series of darkened places

            - Portraits of Appliances

            - Ties on Trees (ongoing installation in the woods)

            - Flip Chart Art

            - Urban Ugly, Industrial Delinquency and Disasters on the Farm (installations and paintings)


Other Creative Endeavours

Ongoing - Various Other Paintings

Since 1986 - Cartoonist - creator of the cartoon strip "DRUMlins", which ran weekly for over 16 years in the
                                                    Miramichi Leader/Weekend until 2003 and now continues on in cyberspace on this website!

1997 - Publication of The Metal Majority, the Voice of the Rusty Right, a collection of DRUMlin cartoons

1996-1997 - Miramichi Tapestries, a series depicting the history of the Miramichi in collaboration with Ivan Cromwell

1994 - Columnist - Miramichi Leader/Weekend

1990 - Installation of Red Fence

1982-1990 - Created Jean Planters and the Volkswagen Planter